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Balance Your Life 5

Balance Your Life

Everybody creates a certain amount of income and during their lifetime by one means or another – through employment, investment or setting up a business. What you do with that income determines how financially successful you will be and ultimately impacts on your enjoyment of life. Managing money is a bit like juggling balls while […]

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Fear of Missing Out

Fear of Missing Out

There is something about human nature that makes us wired to believe that anything which is scarce or available only for a limited time is something we must have, despite the price. It’s called FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – and it is without doubt the biggest driver of poor financial decisions. Everywhere you […]

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Power of $20

The Power of $20 a Day

Check your bank account and you are sure to find lots of small transactions that average at least $20 a day. A coffee, lunch, snacks, a beer or wine after work; each transaction is low in value but combined they can add up to a significant sum. Money can only be spent once and should […]

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Money Barriers

Money Barriers to Getting on With Life

It’s good to be cautious with money. However, is there such a thing as too much caution? When is it OK to take a risk? Throughout life there are significant events that require large amounts of money or which come with a high level of financial risk. The anxiety that comes with this risk can […]

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Financial Adviser

What to Expect From Your Financial Adviser

What to Expect From Your Financial Adviser Financial service providers are regulated by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA). Part of the FMA’s role is to educate consumers of financial services and for that reason they have released a checklist of things you can expect from your financial services provider. Providers include financial advisers as well […]

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Money Management for Newlyweds

Money Management for Newlyweds Relationships aren’t like they used to be a generation or two ago. The path to a ceremony is a more gradual one, with couples typically living together beforehand and sharing expenses. Women, through both necessity and choice, continue to earn an income after marriage and are confident in managing their own […]

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Choosing When to Spend

Choosing When to Spend There is nothing wrong with spending money. In fact money has no value unless it is spent. As they say, you can’t take it with you, so if you don’t spend your money during your lifetime, then someone else (the beneficiaries of your estate) will get the pleasure of spending it. […]

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Hammer your Commitments

Hammer Your Financial Commitments

Hammer Your Financial Commitments It’s hard to save when there is a never-ending stream of bills to pay. One way to get sorted financially is to look closely and what your financial commitments are. Keeping your financial commitments to others well and truly under the hammer means more money for you. Financial commitments are expenses […]

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Taking Care of Your Young Family

Taking Care of Your Young Family Becoming a parent is one of life’s most exhilarating experiences and it changes things forever. Along with the joy comes the responsibility of ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your children and the challenge of guiding them not only to be successful in life on their terms but […]

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Give Money for Christmas

Give Money for Christmas Whatever your age, Christmas is a stressful time of year, and much of the stress is caused by financial pressure. It seems rather silly that so much precious money is spent on gifts that may not give lasting pleasure, if any at all. Economists would argue that spending money on gifts […]

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Being Prepared

Being Prepared There’s nothing like a week of earthquakes, floods and gales to make you realise the importance of being prepared for disaster. It’s not only environmental conditions that create disaster; there are personal disasters too, such as serious illness, loss of a family member or loss of a job. A disaster of magnitude has […]

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The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze New Zealand’s rate of inflation continues to be low, even though our economy is growing. Lower petrol prices, cheaper airfares and computer equipment are some of the biggest contributors to low inflation and have reduced the impact of higher prices for housing-related goods and services. However, this is not necessarily cause to […]

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