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Give Money for Christmas

Give Money for Christmas Whatever your age, Christmas is a stressful time of year, and much of the stress is caused by financial pressure. It seems rather silly that so much precious money is spent on gifts that may not give lasting pleasure, if any at all. Economists would argue that spending money on gifts […]

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Being Prepared

Being Prepared There’s nothing like a week of earthquakes, floods and gales to make you realise the importance of being prepared for disaster. It’s not only environmental conditions that create disaster; there are personal disasters too, such as serious illness, loss of a family member or loss of a job. A disaster of magnitude has […]

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The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze New Zealand’s rate of inflation continues to be low, even though our economy is growing. Lower petrol prices, cheaper airfares and computer equipment are some of the biggest contributors to low inflation and have reduced the impact of higher prices for housing-related goods and services. However, this is not necessarily cause to […]

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Planning with Uncertainties

Planning with Uncertainties Making plans for your financial future is hard enough at the best of times, but when there are lots of unknowns it is even more difficult. There may be uncertainty around basics, such as what your income will be from one week to the next, or one year to the next, and […]

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Protect Your Wealth

Protect Your Wealth

Protect Your Wealth Creating wealth takes time, effort and discipline, and also a willingness to defer spending and take calculated risks. It is not always a straight line process. In fact, it can be a bit like playing monopoly. Every now and then you draw a bad card that costs you a lot of money […]

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Thirities and Forties

Getting Ahead in Your Thirties and Forties

Getting Ahead in Your Thirties and Forties Mid-life is a critical time for making the right financial decisions. It is a time when there are many demands and considerations to be juggled; partners and children, parents, career, personal goals, current lifestyle and future lifestyle. It can be a crazy time and it seems like there […]

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Robo Advice

Automated Advice and What it Means for You

Automated Advice and What it Means for You Financial advice is on the verge of major change. There is pressure to reduce the distribution costs of financial products which will ultimately make them cheaper and more accessible for a wider range of people. This change will also potentially drive a wedge between product sales and […]

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Back to School Means Money Woes

Back to School Means Money Woes Hard on the heels of the expense of Christmas and holidays comes the start of the school year; uniforms, stationery and school fees. Education in state schools is supposedly free, but these expenses, along with extra school activities are the responsibility of parents. School fees are a contentious issue. […]

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De-Tox Your Finances in Five Easy Steps

De-Tox Your Finances in Five Easy Steps The benefits of cleansing your body by flushing out toxins are well known. The same principles can apply to your finances. It’s about getting rid of everything that weakens your financial position and therefore your ability to enjoy life to the full. Here’s how to de-tox in five […]

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Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse Domestic violence can take many forms and it is important to recognise that financial abuse can be one of them. Financial abuse may or may not be linked to physical abuse and can be hard to detect by others. Lurking inside what appears from the outside to be a normal relationship may be […]

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Spending and Saving Conflicts for Couples

Spending and Saving Conflicts for Couples There is no doubt that arguments about money are one of the key causes of conflict in relationships. When money is in short supply, arguments often revolve around differences in attitude towards spending and the distinction between needs and wants. The interesting thing about financial decisions is that they […]

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Starting Over

Starting Over Life is full of ups and downs which have financial implications. How we respond to different circumstances and situations has a cumulative effect over time which can lead to significant differences between people in terms of their financial outcomes later in life. There are many things that go wrong in life – poor […]

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