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House for Kids

Help for Kids to Buy a House

It’s a natural instinct for parents to want to help their kids get a head start in life. A common goal for young parents is to save money to pay for kids’ tertiary education costs. However, that’s not necessarily the best way to help. For as long as student loans are interest free, it makes […]

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first home

Tips for First Home Buyers

The apparent impossibility of buying a first home has many young people questioning whether owning a property should still be part of long term financial plan. Does it really make sense to put aside other things in life such as travel, having children, paying off student loans or simply having fun, just to save a […]

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Home Buying Mistakes

Home Buying Mistakes

Home Buying Mistakes The fear of missing out is continuing to fuel the property market. Buying in a heated market can lead to impulsive decisions with negative financial consequences. Here are the top five mistakes people make when borrowing money to buy a house: Relying on the lender’s analysis of how much you can borrow […]

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Why Renters Need a Long Term Plan

Why Renters Need a Long Term Plan The rate of home ownership in New Zealand is falling. Just under 65% of households owned their own home at the time of the last census in 2013, and this is the lowest it has been since 1951. The rapid increase in property prices since 2013 has no […]

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Why You Need to Own a House

Why You Need to Own a House The percentage of households who own their own home has dropped to the lowest level since 1951 according to figures released this year by the Department of Statistics. At the peak of home ownership in 1991 around 73.5 percent of households owned their own home; now that number […]

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Sweet Spot for First Home Buyers

Sweet Spot for First Home Buyers Proposed changes to the Reserve Bank’s restrictions on high-LVR residential mortgage lending could create opportunities for first home buyers outside the Auckland region. The Reserve Bank has released a consultation paper which proposes a tighter regime for Auckland and a more relaxed approach for other areas of the country. […]

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Home Buyers Beware

Home Buyers Beware New Zealand has a high rate of home ownership when compared to other countries, although it is falling. More properties are now owned by fewer people and property investors are becoming more influential in the market. Owning property can be a good way to create wealth as the value of property increases […]

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Structure (800x600)

Structure Your Mortgage

Structure Your Mortgage Buying a house is a lengthy, stressful process. Just when you think it is all over, and before funds are released to your solicitor, your lender will ask how you want to structure your mortgage. You will no doubt have had little time to consider this and yet the structure of your […]

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house for sale

The Importance of House Prices

The Importance of House Prices House prices are not only a key indicator of what is happening in an economy but they can also be a trigger for a change in economic conditions. Hence the state of the housing market comes under close scrutiny by the Reserve Bank and other Government officials. There is a […]

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Investing in Your Home

Investing in Your Home Let’s get it straight; your home is not an investment. While property appreciates in value over time, the best property to own from an investment point of view is a property that produces rental income as well as capital gain. Investment is something that should be done with objectivity and a […]

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Good and Bad News for First Home Buyers

Good and Bad News for First Home Buyers Finding the deposit for a first home is a huge financial hurdle and around two thirds of first home buyers obtain a high loan-to-value ratio (LVR) loan. The LVR is simply the amount of lending compared to the value of the property, and an LVR of more […]

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Invest in your Home

Invest in your Home Your home is your castle, so they say, and if it’s not as grand as you would like, now is a good time for improvements. Why? Largely because of the state of the economy. On a long term scale, we are at an economic low point. Properties are difficult to sell […]

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