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Waiting to Die

Are your Kids Waiting for you to Die?

Guest post by Karen Piercy Mum visits New Zealand from the UK every year and usually pays for something large in our household before she leaves. The first year was a woodburner because the chimney sweep refused to certify the existing one in our old villa. Another year, a new washing machine, a front loader, […]

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Ownership of Your Assets

Ownership of Your Assets The more wealth you acquire, the more important it becomes to look at how your significant assets such as your home, investments and insurance policies are owned. Ownership has flow on effects in terms of tax, estate planning, and protection of your property against claims from creditors or former partners. At […]

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Are Family Trusts Still Worthwhile?

Are Family Trusts Still Worthwhile? The family trust gained popularity as an ownership structure for property and investments to help minimise tax and estate duty and maximise entitlement to residential care subsidies. The abolition of estate duty some years ago, reduced income tax benefits and the increased scrutiny placed on trusts within residential care subsidy […]

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Plan Your Legacy

Plan Your Legacy With careful planning, most people don’t run out of money or assets before the end of life. Money, as they say, is something that has no use to you when your life ends, however it can provide benefit for others. Planning a legacy is something that often gets overlooked, yet everyone, even […]

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Fighting Over the Family Fortune

Fighting Over the Family Fortune Sibling rivalry is common, but add to the mix the death of parents and a sizeable estate and you have a recipe for the destruction of family relationships. The baby boomer generation is very susceptible to this problem. Typically, their parents grew up in the Depression era and were good […]

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One of Life’s Certainties

Making a Will There is a well known saying that there are two certainties in life; death and taxes. Despite the certainty of death, many fail to plan for it by making a will. Lack of time, lack of money, and indecision about who should be the executor or the guardian of young children are […]

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