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Financial Literacy in Children

Financial Literacy in Children The OECD has recently released the results of a survey of financial literacy skills and knowledge for 15 year olds in its member countries. Overall, New Zealand students have a relatively high level of financial literacy when compared with other countries, with 1 in 5 having advanced skills and knowledge. Financial […]

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Make a Date With Your Money

Make a Date With Your Money Money Week 2013 is coming! After the success of last year’s Money Week, the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income is once again encouraging us all to take some time in the first week of September to have a look at how we are managing our money. Money […]

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Turn Financial Knowledge into Action

Turn Financial Knowledge into Action While New Zealanders in general have an excellent grasp of basic financial concepts, a recent survey has found that they are not so good at putting into practice what they know. The survey, undertaken by the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income with the support of ANZ, ranked New […]

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Money Week

Manage Your Money Better Money issues are top of mind for most people, usually in the sense of worrying about money. Just like those piles of work papers that aren’t yet dealt with or the list of things that need doing around the house, money issues can drain your energy if they are not sorted. […]

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First Train the Teachers

First Train the Teachers Financial management skills are best taught at a young age, however despite the development of a curriculum for financial education, few schools have taken up the opportunity to teach kids about money, claiming lack of resources and a crowded curriculum. There is another very significant barrier to financial education and that […]

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