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Investing for Kids

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One of the greatest gifts you can give your kids is to teach them about money. It has been shown many times over that while academic success can lead to higher paying jobs, it is financial capability that gives young people the ability to create wealth. The earlier you start teaching kids about money the […]

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Childrens Education

Saving for Your Children’s Education

It is natural for parents to want to give their children a good start in life, and often parents will have a financial goal of saving for their children’s education. There are two key questions to be asked: Is it a good idea to save for your children’s education? There are many ways you can […]

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Helping children

Helping Your Children

Helping Your Children It’s every parent’s dream to see their children succeed in life and sometimes that means helping them along the way. But how much help should children get? They need enough to give them a good start, but not so much that they become dependent on parents to get by. One of the […]

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Four Things Young People Need to Know

Four Things Young People Need to Know About Money It is rather tragic that we don’t acquire the knowledge and insight we need to get the most out of life until we are near the end of it. The basic principles of financial success do not change over time and there is much that young […]

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Good Habits for Kids

Good Habits for Kids Financial literacy for kids is something that Lucas Remmerswaal is very passionate about. A New Zealander, Lucas has written a series of books for children, based on the financial principles used by one of America’s most successful investors, Warren Buffett. In 2011, Buffett was ranked the third wealthiest person in the […]

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Money for Students

Money for Students The start of the university year sees thousands of eager school leavers leaving the safety and comfort of the family home and beginning their journey towards independent living. For parents and students alike, the dilemma of how to fund academic pursuits is not an easy one to resolve. Taking on debt is […]

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Money for Christmas

Money for Christmas Giving money to kids for Christmas might seem like an easy escape from choosing a gift but in fact it can be a great way to teach kids important lessons about money and life. If your kids receive money from you or from others at Christmas encourage them to make a wish […]

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