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Fifty cents

Get Your Full Tax Credit

There are very few people who, if offered a 50% guaranteed return on their money, would turn it down, particularly with investment returns being so low at present. Yet every June, thousands of people miss such an opportunity by failing to realise that their KiwiSaver contributions are less than what is required to get the […]

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KiwiSaver Home Buyer

Traps for KiwiSaver Home Buyers

Traps for KiwiSaver Home Buyers One of the best incentives for young people to join KiwiSaver is the ability to withdraw funds for the purchase of a first home. All but $1,000 can be withdrawn providing certain criteria are met. You need to have been a KiwiSaver member for at least three years and you […]

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Right Options

Choosing the Right KiwiSaver Options

Choosing the Right KiwiSaver Options Joining KiwiSaver is a no-brainer and there are now around 2.6 million members. There are three key decisions to be made when joining; the contribution rate, the investment option and the provider. It’s best to make the decisions in that order. Your contribution rate should be set at the rate […]

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Retired Couple

KiwiSaver for Retirees

KiwiSaver for Retirees A recent survey conducted by the Financial Markets Authority and the Commission for Financial Capability found that around a quarter of people are not sure how to manage the money in their KiwiSaver funds after the age of 65. There are variations between different scheme providers and once you turn 65, providing […]

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KiwiSaver Kickstart Kill-off and Kids

KiwiSaver Kickstart Kill-off and Kids The Government Budget announcement that the $1,000 kickstart for KiwiSaver has been terminated with immediate effect is no surprise. From a marketing perspective it was an enticing carrot in the early days of KiwiSaver when there was considerable sceptism about the Government’s intentions with KiwiSaver and the benefits of being […]

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KiwiSaver for Kids

KiwiSaver for Kids Joining KiwiSaver is a sensible decision for most eligible people between the ages of 18 and 65. There are currently around 2.4 million KiwiSaver members of whom around 360,000 (just under 15%) are under the age of 18. Clearly, many parents, or in some cases grandparents, have signed their children up for […]

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Investment review

Review your KiwiSaver

Review your KiwiSaver Your KiwiSaver investment should be reviewed on an annual basis and June is the best time to do this for a number of reasons. The Government tax credit of around $521 is paid into your KiwiSaver account every July, and the amount you receive will be based on your contributions for the […]

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Transferring Your Australian Superannuation

Transferring Your Australian Superannuation While it is now possible to transfer funds from your Australian superannuation scheme to KiwiSaver, this is not something that should be done without consideration of a number of important factors. There are many good reasons to bring your superannuation home. Having investments in more than one country can make life […]

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KiwiSaver Options for Retirees

KiwiSaver Options for Retirees Confusion still reigns for KiwiSaver members reaching the age of 65 as to what to do with their KiwiSaver funds and whether to keep contributing. If you are over 65 and have been a member of KiwiSaver for at least five years, you have several options available. If you are still […]

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Bring Your Aussie Super Home

Bring Your Aussie Super Home Spending time in Australia on a working holiday has been part of the Kiwi way of life for many years. The trouble is that since 1992, when it became compulsory in Australia to contribute to a superannuation scheme, locked-in funds have had to be left behind when it’s time to […]

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KiwiSaver Checkup

KiwiSaver Checkup Around two million Kiwis now have just over $14billion invested in KiwiSaver. No doubt much of that amount is money that would otherwise have been spent. As their fund balances increase, many KiwiSavers are learning that small amounts of saving made on a regular basis over a long time soon build up into […]

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Top Up Your Retirement Savings

Top Up Your Retirement Savings Now is a good time to be thinking about whether you are putting enough aside for your retirement. A review of your long term plans should be done on an annual basis and June is a good month for two reasons; firstly because it is too wet and cold outside […]

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