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Empty Pockets

Asset Rich, Cash Poor

Asset Rich, Cash Poor It is well known that having a lot of money tied up in assets, especially property, while being on a low income is an uncomfortable place to be. However, it is not an uncommon scenario, particularly for young couples and the elderly. It’s not easy to get the balance right. If […]

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Reduce Your Cash Flow Risk

Reduce Your Cash Flow Risk Conversations about financial risk focus on investment and finding the right balance between risk and return. While these are important conversations for investors, there are other aspects to financial risk which can be just as significant. Your income and expenses, or in other words, your cash flow, are just as […]

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Money and Power

Money and Power At a political and economic level, we all know that those who control the money have the power. In personal relationships, it is no different. Control over money can be used in either a beneficial or detrimental way by one person to control another. The way in which money is managed in […]

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How Do You Compare?

How Do You Compare? A survey of around 1000 New Zealanders over the age of 18 undertaken on behalf of the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income in May this year shows some interesting statistics about how people use their money. These surveys have been undertaken every six months since November 2011 and show […]

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Money Management for Couples

Money Management for Couples The question of who takes responsibility for managing financial affairs and setting goals and priorities in a relationship is one that has a number of different solutions. The start of a relationship can mean a loss of financial independence that is difficult to adapt to. As a result, some couples choose […]

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5 Money Tips for the Self Employed

5 Money Tips for the Self  Employed Owning a business is a great way to build your wealth. Use these five money tips to make the most of your opportunity.    Tip # 1 Join KiwiSaver Being self employed doesn’t preclude you from joining KiwiSaver. If you are not a PAYE employee of your business, […]

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The Importance of Cash Flow

The Importance of Cash Flow Whether you are running a business or managing the household finances, cash flow is critical. The difference between cash coming in and cash going out in any given period of time is the net cash flow. If it is positive, your cash balances will increase and if it is negative, […]

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Talking About Money

Talking About Money Good communication is important in any relationship and one of the most vital subjects to discuss is money. It is surprising how many couples get together without having a frank and open discussion on how money will be managed in the relationship, only to find that fundamental differences in this area become […]

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How to Recession-Proof Your Finances

How to Recession-Proof Your Finances  There is a direct link between how confident people feel about their financial situation and how much they spend. This was evident in the property boom that occurred prior to the Global Financial Crisis. When property prices were rising, home owners felt wealthier and had the ability to borrow more. […]

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Is Your Boss Short Changing You?

Is Your Boss Short Changing You? Financial literacy is still a major issue in this country, particularly with regard to retirement savings. A recent online survey by ASB showed a huge gap for most people between the retirement income they want and what they will actually achieve at their current rate of saving. It seems […]

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The True Cost of Lunch

The True Cost of Lunch People who complain about not having enough money to enjoy life are often guilty of spending their money on things that aren’t important to them but which make them feel good for a few brief moments. The classic example of this is money spent on takeaway food and drink, especially […]

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Don’t Eat Your Money

Don’t Eat Your Money The biggest expense for a young family is the cost of housing. Rent and mortgage payments are fixed costs which can only be reduced by moving to a cheaper house, so when it comes to saving money we need to look at the next biggest expense, and that is the weekly […]

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