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Give to Others

Make March a Giving Month

March should really be a month of celebration and giving. We have Thanksgiving in October or November in some countries – a day of giving thanks for the harvest of the previous year – followed by Black Friday – the biggest shopping day of the year.  We have Christmas in December – a religious celebration […]

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Community Foundations NZ

Investing Forever

New Zealanders have always been good at giving to others. Whether it is selling sausages, baking for a cake stall or running errands for elderly neighbours, most Kiwis pitch in at some stage in their lives to lend a helping hand. Our generosity is also to be seen on collection days for charities and in […]

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Wow Factor

The WOW Factor

Baby boomers are not only getting older – they are getting wealthier. As they reach retirement age, they bring along with them a large amount of wealth that needs to be invested, spent, and finally bequeathed to their heirs or charity. One interesting aspect of the baby boomer phenomenon is the influence of gender. Not […]

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Include a Charity

Include a Charity Giving is for everyone. We all have causes we care about and we all have the power to give money to help those causes. Whether you leave this earth with $10 to your name or $10 million, you can provide for you chosen charity in your will. It is one of the […]

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It’s Poverty; Not Just Child Poverty

It’s Poverty; Not Just Child Poverty Much is being made in the media of the issue of Child Poverty. According to the 2015 Child Poverty Monitor, 29% of our children now live in poverty compared with 15% in 1984 and three out of five children in poverty live this way for many years. But poverty […]

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Giving Back

Giving Back When we leave this world, we take nothing with us, but what we leave behind can make a big difference to others. It is usual for surviving family members to be the beneficiaries of an estate but increasingly, charitable organisations are benefiting from the generosity of community-minded testators. The purpose of leaving behind […]

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Give And Be Happy

Give And Be Happy Stephen Tindall is one of the wealthiest men in New Zealand and also one of the most generous. The Tindall Foundation gives away millions of dollars every year. Stephen says the satisfaction he gets from the Tindall Foundation is greater than what he received from turning The Warehouse into one of […]

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An Ethical Dilemma

Problem Gambling A gambling bill which will change how the proceeds of gambling are managed and distributed is in the process of being debated. The Gambling (Gambling Harm Reduction) Amendment Bill will give councils the power to eliminate or reduce pokies at a venue if the public feels they are harmful, replace corporate societies that […]

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The Plight of Charities

The Plight of Charities It’s been a rough year for charities and my guess is that over the next year, some very worthy organizations will be forced to close up shop. There are many factors working against charities at present: The Christchurch Earthquake has sucked up a huge amount of money from the big charitable […]

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The Benefits of Being Generous

Giving is Good It feels good to be generous and it’s even better when generosity is rewarded. In recent times, there have been a number of changes and new initiatives that have made it easier and more beneficial for ordinary people to give to others.  In 2007, a number of groups working in the charitable […]

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