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Tax Working Group

Proposed Capital Gains Tax

The long-awaited final report of the Tax Working Group has been released and it proposes to cast a very wide net over investment assets to be taxed for capital gain. Government may choose to accept, reject, or modify the proposals contained in the report. As it stands, capital gains tax would apply to rental properties, […]

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Tax Refund

Getting Your Tax Refund Just Got Easier

Every year, many people miss out on getting a tax refund simply because they hate filling out forms and dealing with Inland Revenue. Over recent years, several companies have sprung up to offer a service to such people so they can get a refund without having to do the work themselves. Often, the fees charged […]

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Give and Get Back

Give and Get Back It is tax refund time and if you have given funds to an approved charity or other donee organisation, you can bundle up your tax receipts and submit a claim for a tax rebate of one third of the amount donated. A list of approved donee organisations can be found on […]

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Time to Review

Time to Review Your Tax

Time to Review Your Tax The beginning of the new tax year is a reminder to check that your investments are being taxed at the correct rate. You can check the tax rates that apply to you online at The Resident Withholding Tax (RWT) rate used for income-producing investments should be the rate that […]

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Don’t Overpay Tax

Don’t Overpay Tax One sure way to get in trouble with Inland Revenue is to set up your affairs in such a way as to avoid paying tax. While tax considerations should not be the driving force behind financial decisions, there is nothing wrong with being sensible and using tax implications to help choose between […]

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Tax Checkups

Tax Checkups Another tax year has gone by and that is a trigger to check up on a few things. Not everyone is required to send in a tax return every year and so it is easy to let things slip by that should be attended to. Firstly, check to see if you are entitled […]

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Happy New Tax Year

Check your PIE April marks the start of a new tax year, and is a significant month for investors. KiwiSaver members or investors in any other Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) need to ensure they start the new tax year on the correct tax rate. These investments are taxed at what is called the Prescribed Investor […]

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