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The Simplest Strategy for Retiring Early

Getting to a financial position where early retirement is a real possibility is not as difficult as it may seem. There are three key ingredients to being able to retire early; spending less, saving more and starting to invest as soon as possible. What makes early retirement simple is that there is a logical connection […]

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Financial Planning for Young Singles

Financial Planning for Young Singles

For young singles with a reasonably good income, life is full of possibilities. There is a lifetime ahead with many choices and opportunities along the way and plenty of time to recover from any mistakes made. However, choice can create uncertainty and confusion. It can be very hard to set goals when there are so […]

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Personality and Investment Decisions

Personality and Investment Decisions People who find themselves suddenly having to make significant investment decisions often feel overwhelmed, confused, or even afraid. They fear making costly mistakes which could jeopardise their financial futures. In most cases, fear stems from lack of information, understanding or experience which undermines confidence in making the right decisions. These emotions […]

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Financial Plans

Putting Financial Plans into Action

Putting Financial Plans into Action There is a big difference between knowing the right thing to do and doing the right thing. Just ask anybody who is trying to lose weight or get fit. There are endless books, websites and seminars that provide all the information you need to have the body of your dreams. […]

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Squeeze Your Budget

Squeeze Your Budget We are at the time of year when financial pressure is at a peak and every dollar needs to be used wisely. Before the mad Christmas rush, take some time to look at simple ways of cutting your costs and tweaking your income to free up spare cash for the holiday period. […]

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Prepare for Working Less

Prepare for Working Less While most of us say we can’t wait for retirement to be able to do all the things we’ve always wanted to do, the problem is how to fill in the thirty years or so after retirement. For some people, the prospect of giving up work creates a fear of loss […]

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Peer-to-Peer Lending is Here

Peer-to-Peer Lending is Here The core business of a bank is to gather up funds from investors to lend to borrowers. By charging borrowers a higher rate of interest than is paid to investors, the bank makes a margin which covers its costs and provides a healthy profit for its shareholders. The concept of peer-to-peer […]

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Be a Secret Saver

Be A Secret Saver Financial success comes not from a high income or a high level of education; it comes from the application of just one golden rule. It is that easy, yet that hard. There are five simple words in the golden rule, yet they are the most difficult words to put into practice. […]

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Know Your Rights When Borrowing

Know Your Rights When Borrowing Borrowing money is something that is often done at a time when emotions are running high, whether it is the joy of finding a dream home or the desperation of needing money to pay for unexpected expenses. Looking at the fine print of a credit contract can easily get overlooked […]

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Be a Confident, Objective Investor

Be a Confident, Objective Investor The key to being a successful investor is to learn to overcome the emotions of fear and greed and make sound investment decisions based on objective analysis. Fear can lead to financial loss through missing out on opportunities to make a good return and through panic which can result in […]

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Buying Property with a Low Deposit

Buying Property with a Low Deposit The world economy is still reeling from the effects of the Global Financial Crisis, and one of the major elements of this catastrophic event was a huge increase in lending on residential property by American banks to people who had a low deposit and low incomes. The increased lending […]

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Checklist for Retirement

Checklist for Retirement One of the strange things about life is that the older you get, the faster the years seem to go by. It pays to get your affairs in order at retirement so the rest of your life will be free of problems, especially if the effects of ageing come faster than you […]

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