Get Rid of Debt in Five Easy Steps

Get Rid of Debt Starting the New Year with a pile of debt is not a good situation to be in, but it is a common problem. If you are serious about getting ahead financially, then getting rid of debt should be one of your top priorities. Here are five steps that will help you […]

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New Year’s Resolutions to Build Wealth in 2011

Five New Year’s Resolutions Regardless of whether your financial goal is to create enough wealth for financial security or a multi-million dollar empire, the starting point is the same. Fortunes are only made on a solid financial base and to build one means getting rid of some old money habits and developing some new ones. […]

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Where to Invest in 2011

Where to Invest in 2011 Investors with cash on their hands face a huge dilemma. Should they leave their money in the bank at a low rate of interest, or take a risk and go back into the investment markets that have left many with a much reduced level of wealth? Investor confidence has been […]

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Money for Christmas

Money for Christmas Giving money to kids for Christmas might seem like an easy escape from choosing a gift but in fact it can be a great way to teach kids important lessons about money and life. If your kids receive money from you or from others at Christmas encourage them to make a wish […]

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Where Does your Money Go?

Your Leaky Money Bucket Money always seems to disappear faster at holiday time. Most people are short of money not because they buy big expensive things but because they spend little bits here and there. This kind of spending is what I call ‘Leaky Bucket Syndrome’. Imagine your bank account is a bucket into which […]

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Ready for a Holiday?

Planning a Holiday? If you are going on holiday no doubt you’ll have a few tasks on a checklist to be done before you leave; cancel the paper, get someone to feed the cat, arrange for the lawns to be mown, check the oil and tyres on the car etc. While it’s a busy time […]

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Money Tips for Travellers

Money Tips for Travellers An overseas holiday is something to look forward to but it can also be stressful when things don’t go according to plan. Losing money, not being able to access it or running out of money can spoil a dream holiday. Travellers cheques and cash were once the most common forms of […]

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Farewell to the LAQC

Property Investment The property investment bubble that burst following the Global Financial Crisis came about partly due to the huge tax refunds many investors were able to claim from their properties. These refunds enabled investors to borrow heavily and buy more properties. In many cases, the interest on the money borrowed to buy the properties […]

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Planning for Baby

Planning for Baby One of life’s great experiences is having a baby. The birth or adoption of a first child in particular is a life-changing event and brings with it a mixture of different emotions. Worries about money can offset the happiness a baby brings, so the loss of income and additional expenses need to […]

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The Benefits of Being Generous

Giving is Good It feels good to be generous and it’s even better when generosity is rewarded. In recent times, there have been a number of changes and new initiatives that have made it easier and more beneficial for ordinary people to give to others.  In 2007, a number of groups working in the charitable […]

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New Rules for Financial Advisers

Financial Advisers Over the next few months, all financial advisers throughout the country will be preparing themselves for the new regulatory regime which will come into force following the introduction of the Financial Advisers Act. The purpose of this Act is ‘to promote the sound and efficient delivery of financial adviser and broking services, and […]

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Take a Christmas Break

Planning for Christmas Keeping your debt level under control at Christmas time requires a small amount of discipline and a large amount of common sense. Here are a few tips to help keep you afloat as we lead up to the Christmas period:  Set a budget for Christmas and stick to it. Set you budget […]

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